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Not sure what is hot desk in coworking space?

We’ve made it a simple infographic to show you guys what is hot desk all about!

It is suitable for entrepreneurs, freelancers or even students to enjoy this package!

The main idea of hot desk is similar to a library concept, where you can sit anywhere you want, and just bring your belongings here to work only! And you have to take your things when you are leaving so that the next person can use the workspace too! BUTTTTT, we are slightly different from library, which we offer 24 hours access 7 days a week! Yesssss, you did not see it wrong, is open every hour every second for you to work! So, if you cannot sleep in the middle of the night, wanting to work but not sleep, and you scared will disturb your roommates/ sisters/ brothers/ wife/husband while they are sleeping, come over here and work! We know everyone is different. No one says we cannot work during midnight right? Working during midnight is more efficient to some people right? Agreeee??! So much talking here, but the main point here is you give little money and enjoy many facilities. Including the high speed internet that everyone needs it! Yeahhh, wifi is the most important for work right? And we gotcha! Give you high speed internet so you can work while playing youtube music and immerse in the working vibes you like. Some extra services we give including free printing for your paper works, some nice snacks and COFEEEE! yes, we provide coffee for you so if you are a coffee lover you won't want to miss out these things!

Peeps, you know what, some additional services like receptionist for picking up call for you, helping you collect parcel or letters for you, microwave to heat up your homemade lunch, fridge to store your favorite ice cream for snacks, meeting rooms to meet your important clients, a place for you to hang out with friends.... there's so much more I tell you!!!

You better come here to try or you will never know how great these are for you!


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