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National Recovery Plan Promotion

We know everyone is having a hard time, especially entrepreneurs and SMEs. We would like to help each other by giving out promotion packages for you!  

Just look down and see what we offer!

Okay sure!

Use RM100 to Book for Promotion Up to 30-40% !!!

For all private suites, partition and open workstation

Lock down the 40% promotion with only RM100 and you can redeem it anytime within this 6 months time! After 6 months, you can choose to redeem it as day pass or meeting room usage if you have not use it! You get the best deal in town by locking it with just RM100.

Only from RM300 per pax per month

Not sure does coworking concept suite your lifestyle?

Image by Ludovic Migneault

Let's try before you decide!

Use this trial code 【1WEEKTRIAL】 to try out what is it feel to work in a coworking environment. With a very low price, you get to try before you sign up. No hassle free, no commitment, just try!


RM30 ONLY per week for hot desk


RM50 ONLY per week for private suites.


Limited time only! Grab your promotion now!

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